An early stage platform for creating and sharing collections of online resources, images and texts in a clear, interactive and uncluttered interface.


Collexio is built around a simple idea: Collections. It’s not just a bucket for your content. Collexio allows you to keep, collect and curate in a contextual, searchable and shareable manner.

Your own way

Don't limit yourself to bookmarking or micro updates. It’s so simple and flexible that it can be used for countless of different purposes. In addition to embedding web content, you can add your own images and notes.

Super Simple

We are working hard to keep things extremely simple both in usage and display. No extra buttons, texts, visuals or even colors. Present your content in a simple, beautiful, clean and uncluttered interface.


Your content not just presented visually, they are interactive too. Retweetable Tweet cards, embedded videos, Amazon product cards with up to date prices and more.

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